International Women’s Day, 8th March – 2019 at New Delhi

Hindi House organised International Women’s Day on 8th March, 2019 at New Delhi in collaboration with Blessings NGO, Okhla, New Delhi.

This event celebration plays a great role in distributing the real message about the women’s right and their place in the society. It promotes the living condition of the women by solving their social issues.

Photos of Awardees

Best Team Work for Creativity 2018

Hindi House honored with “Best Team Work for Creativity 2018” award by Sara Sach Award 2018 organized in Ghalib Academy, Delhi by Sara Sach Media group on 19th January, 2018. The program started with inauguration ceremony and the Chief Guest was Ms. Shabnam Khan, Human Right Activist and Media Personality with Mr. Sunil Kumar, Chairman, Delhi Congress, Legal and Human Right Department. Sara Sach Awards were given to the Creative Companies, NGOs and Creative Groups who are working towards provides a reputable platform to youth skills. Hindi House was awarded by the Best Team Work for Creativity Award 2018. Hindi House providing a platform to youngsters to express his/her talent in field of poetry, story telling, comedy etc. Hindi House also gives a positive direction through writing to society society #stoptheacidattack,#sochbadalo,#stoprape and many open mikes. Vikash Saxena, Founder of Hindi House said that the society of young writers and artists have shared positive messages in different cities in the country through above muhim  that are being run by Hindi House and also share their thinking. The writers and artists have been greatly acclaimed by the Kalamakaro of the country being run by Hindi House. Rupendra Singh, Anita Singh, Nidhi Mehra, Mohammad Atyab, Samarpit Singh and Ranjit Thakur were present at the award ceremony and rest of our members Saurav Shrivastav, Sachin Chaturvedi and Mohammad Alam also played a vital role for this success. Hindi House teams expressed that  they are very delighted to receive the award and it’s our Grand Success.

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